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-- 5/13/07 -  Finally!  An official release date for MAVERICK WILD!  Chance and

                      Cora Mae will be blazing into bookstores on January 1st, 2008. Check
                      out my blog for a tad more info! 



-- 5/30/07 -  I've finally launched a NEWSLETTER!  Don't miss out on the June

                      issue, going out at the end of the month, which will feature some fun     

                      facts about the upcoming MAVERICK WILD and a special sneak peek

                      at my fourth novel, BRIDE OF VENGEANCE - just for subscribers.



-- 4/15/07 - Stacey launches a blog:  http://staceykayne.blogspot.com




-- 3/15/07 - MAVERICK WILD, second book in my "Wild" series, has been turned

                      in to my editor!  I will post the official release date once I have it.

                     Check out the excerpt!



--  3/01/07 - MUSTANG WILD is in bookstores!! I spent my morning on a Fox

                      news set for a live interview on the "Great Day" Morning Show with

                      Kim and Kopi -- what a GREAT experience!! I've really appreciated all

                      the local support--which has been outstanding!



-- 11/30/06 - Two more westerns sold!  MAVERICK WILD and another western yet

                        to be titled.



-- 11/22/06 - BRIDE of SHADOW CANYON is available for PRE-ORDER!  Online

                        at Amazon.



-- 11/01/06 - MUSTANG WILD is available for PRE-ORDER!  Online at Amazon

                        and Barnes & Noble.



-- 9/13/06 - Write up on Stacey in the Fresno Bee, front page of the Life section.   




-- 9/04/06 - Second book sold!  BRIDE of SHADOW CANYONThis is the first

                      book of another two-part western series to be released in 2007.



-- 8/30/06 - Contract signed with Harlequin Historicals to publish my debut novel

                     MUSTANG WILD!  Follow-up story MAVERICK WILD is also intended

                     to be a 2007 release.



Coming January 2008




Book two in the 'Wild' series











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