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Mustang Wild












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Finally! Someone to pick up the reins and ride alongside the likes of Maggie Osborne, Leslie LaFoy and all those other wonderful authors who have given us so many frontier romance keepers in the past. Stacey Kayne's debut novel, MUSTANG WILD, takes up where those talented ladies left off, and if this book is any indication you can bet there will be more entertaining westerns coming from Ms. Kayne as time gallops onward.

What a refreshing change of pace this book was from the current overflow of paranormals everyone else seems to be conjuring up these days. Sometimes it's a good idea to take a short breather every now and then, because too much of anything is usually never a good thing. Not that I have a problem with reading the other sub genres, mind you, but MUSTANG WILD was not only a welcome respite and change of pace, it was very impressive in every aspect that counts. It had a solid plot and fast pacing, strong characters in both the leading and secondary roles, and excellent dialogue which is a "must have" item for this reviewer. And even though Skylar, the heroine, came off a bit overly alpha in personality at times, that turned out to be not necessarily a bad thing. For not only does it show Skylar to be a capable and resilient heroine who can keep right up or best the menfolk she has to compete with, it also makes her an ideal match for Tucker, a man who needs a stronger, more masculine type of woman to become his equal. Tucker and Skylar are a perfectly matched set—they spar, they spark like flint when they get together, and sexually they're like match strikes to a trail of gunpowder. Kayne really knows how to make their love scenes sizzle!

As I said, I'm very impressed with MUSTANG WILD, with its dynamic, compelling characters set into the finely-tuned backdrop of the historical Old West. I can hardly wait to ride off into the sunset with Chance, Tucker's fair-haired twin...and the upcoming, BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON. If you're a big fan of western romance, then MUSTANG WILD should definitely be an added picker-upper on your TBB list.

Nancy Davis – Romance Reader At Heart Reviewer



5 Stars! Very rare, extraordinary read

Fast paced and well written, Mustang Wild was a delight to devour. Watching both Tucker and Skylar change made for some of the best reading. Skylar had always been expected to pull her own weight and had never been allowed to be female while Tucker had always been foot loose and fancy free. The two come together beautifully and find they meet a need in each other. Highly romantic with just the right touch of humor, Mustang Wild is one for the keeper shelf. Stacey Kayne has penned a treasure with Mustang Wild.

Reviewer: Debby Guyette


Historical Romance Writers

Review for Mustang Wild
Author: Stacey Kayne
Date of Review: 02/28/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments:

Skylar is a strong-willed and independent young woman who has had to depend on herself for far too long. Struggling to come to grips with her father’s deceit, Sky will become a stronger woman through Tucker’s support. Tucker may hold all the cards as far as the land is concerned, but he is hard pressed to “handle” Sky. Both strike sparks off each other; igniting a searing passion whenever they touch. Their attitudes take a natural and realistic progression from antagonistic to lover-like in a smooth flow. The fast paced, romantic, and highly adventurous; MUSTANG WILD is a fine tale of the Old West. Author, Stacey Kayne has brought 1800’s New Mexico to brilliant life.


Romantic Times BOOKreviews

This strong debut is a tale of one woman's struggle to overcome a father's deceit before she can find peace, forgiveness and passion with the man meant for her. Each character carries his or her own weight, adding depth and humor to this honestly written story.

Reviewer: Ann Black



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